Monday, March 5, 2012

So I'm a Crack-Head

I have found out I am a crack addict. Not really. That is what my ex-husband and his wife tell people. Turns out my ex's new wife is good friends with an aquaintace of mine, who is friends with some of my good friends. Small world, yes, indeed. So apparently the story is that I am a crack-head loser who doesn't care about her children and is unsafe for them to be around. I am crazy. I left my kids for a drug addict loser boyfriend. So goes the story. My first thought to that was, if I was on crack wouldn't I at least be skinny? (I am not in the least skinny. More on the chubby side. And I look like a mom.) I'm wondering why my ex didn't pick a more likely drug I might possibly do if he's going to make me a drug addict. Like pot. People like to eat when they're stoned, right? And no, this isn't funny, it's outrageous. Especially since I've been sober 23 years. I was sober when I met my ex. I don't drink, I don't do drugs. My daughter has spent time with this acquaintance. My daughter told her, "My mom doesn't love me. My mom doesn't care about me." It breaks my heart. That is what she has been told. She's been brainwashed all these years and she believes it. The new wife has been told that I am crazy, I am unsafe, I will harm her and the kids. She believes it. My ex is very convincing. I know. I believed him. His new wife is only 26. He is 47. I don't understand marrying someone so much older than yourself who has kids who are closer to your age than your spouse is. Our oldest son is 21, our middle 18, our daughter 15. The new wife would be more appropriate for my sons to date. And she is raising them. I have heard my middle son moved out and hates the world. I don't blame him for hating the world. I would too. Sometimes I do now. I try not to hate my ex-husband. Mostly, I don't. But when I found out he tells everyone I am a crack-head loser who doesn't care about her kids and is out of the picture by choice, I felt hate. Hate that he would do that to our kids. Especially our daughter.